Data protection policy

As a 'not for profit voluntary organisation', Co-operatives North West is not required to register under the Data Protection Act that controls how personal information is used.

However, we have decided that, in accordance with co-operative values of honesty,openness, social responsibility and caring for others, we should adopt the 'data protection principles'. This means that we will ensure that the personal information we hold is:

  • used fairly and lawfully
  • used for limited, specifically stated purposes
  • used in a way that is adequate, relevant and not excessive
  • accurate
  • kept for no longer than is absolutely necessary
  • handled according to people‚Äôs data protection rights
  • kept safe and secure
  • not transferred outside the UK without adequate protection.

We are also aware that there is stronger legal protection for more sensitive information, such as:

  • ethnic background
  • political opinions
  • religious beliefs
  • health
  • sexual health
  • criminal records.

Andrew Jessop
Secretary, Co-operatives North West
Registered Office:
29 Mizzy Road
OL12 6HW

07910 270458