Co-operatives North West Limited Procurement Policy

Purpose of this procedure

Co-operatives North West Limited aims to be transparent and accountable in the way that it acquires goods and services from suppliers. This policy aims to clarify this process and defines the way that Co-operatives North West Limited works and links to other policies such as membership benefits.

Process description

1. Criteria

A set of objective, non-discriminatory criteria will be used to appoint appropriate contractors and suppliers. Criteria for contractors and suppliers may include:

Essential criteria:
1. Value for money
2. Quality
3. Capacity
4. Positive co-operative, social and environmental impacts
5. Appropriate insurances, depending on the nature of the contract
6. Appropriate policies in place and implemented

Desirable criteria:
1. Membership of Co-operatives North West Limited
2. Track record with Co-operatives NW or similar organisations.
3. Two references or client testimonials

2. Authorisation

Level of expenditure, cumulative amount, excluding VAT
Process required


Up to £2,500 Satisfaction that essential criteria are met especially value for money. 2 or 3 three recorded quotes.

Chair/Vice Chair
Business Development Manager plus any one Executive member

Between £2,500 and £50,000 Satisfaction that all criteria are met. 3 written quotations. Chair/Vice Chair plus any other Executive member
Business Development Manager plus any two Executive members
Executive meeting.
Over £50,000 Contract put out to tender. Satisfaction that all criteria are met. 3 written quotations. Board meeting
Sub-committee delegated by Board

3. Conflicts of interest

  • Contracts should not be authorized by anyone having any direct and/or personal interest in the transaction(s) covered by the documents (eg. payment of fees, expense reports, contracts with Directors’ organizations). In that case, alternative and independent authorisation will be sought by the implementing officer/manager.
  • Potential conflicts of interest which arise will be declared by Board members at the beginning of each meeting, including sub-committees and working groups. This will be recorded in the minutes and the member will withdraw from discussions, if appropriate. Action to address any conflicts will be at the discretion of the majority of the group, and in accordance with the authorisations required above.

4. Promotion of opportunities with Co-operatives NW Ltd

Promotion and advertising of opportunities will aim to secure the required number of quotations within deadline, and a suitable successful supplier, without incurring unnecessary work for others with little prospect of success.

Promotion methods may include:

  • E-mailing to members of Co-operatives North West Ltd
  • Co-operatives NW newsletter and website, 
  • Partner’s newsletters and websites,
  • Co-operative media (eg Co-op News, Ethos, Co-operatives UK mailings)
  • Wider promotion for larger opportunities

In principle, Co-operatives NW will give the longest period possible between advertising an opportunity and the deadline to respond. However, each contract will be judged on a case by case basis.

5. Monitoring and Evaluation

All contracts will be monitored against Co-operatives North West Procurement Policy. Monitoring and evaluating the success or otherwise of a contract will be the responsibility of the Board or equivalent sub-committee. However, day to day management of the contract will be carried out by a named officer / manager.

Approved by Executive Committee on 1/9/09.