About Co-operatives NW

Co-operatives North West is the regional network of co-operative enterprise in the North West of England. Over 350 co-operatives make a substantial contribution to the region's economic and social life, with turnover of £2,104 million and 15,000 jobs. Co-operatives North West vision is to promote, develop and sustain a thriving regional co-operative economy and community.

Objectives of Co-operatives North West

Co-operatives North West has 5 objectives, of which Objectives 3 and 4 are of the highest priority.

  1. Raise the profile of co-op and mutual sector
  2. Represent the interests of co-ops and mutuals
  3. Encourage mutual support, inter-trading and networking
  4. Share best practice, training and development opportunities between co-ops and mutuals
  5. Strengthen co-op and mutual endeavour by lobbying and working with local, regional and national organisations 

Core Activities

  • Annual conference and General Meeting
  • Quarterly Board meetings
  • Events including Principle 6 networking
  • Regular and members-only newsletters
  • Member recruitment, retention and promotion
  • Up to date directory and database
  • Responding to enquiries
  • Work with Co-operatives UK & Regional Co-operative Councils


Co-operatives North West Limited is an independent organisation with a democratically elected board from member businesses and organisations with a responsibility to represent and promote the sector.

The Board, which is elected at the Annual General Meeting, meets regularly to determine the strategy and activities of the Regional Co-operative Council. The Board is made up from diverse constituents including retail co-operatives, worker co-operatives, financial and housing co-operatives, and co-operative development organisations.

Board members

Kath Baron   The Kitchen
Lawrence Beedle   Unicorn Grocery
Phil Frampton Secretary Co-operative Business Consultants
Michael Kaye  Treasurer software.coop
John McGuigan   North West Housing Services
Bryony Moore   Stitched Up